Sunday, April 28, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame!!

JJ started T-ball this past week and he is having a ball! (no pun intended!) It is so cute to see him suited up in his very official uniform! This past saturday they had a kick off parade and I had to take advantage of the opportunity for a little photo shoot! It's hard to believe that just as we are about to have another baby we are also entering into this new phase of life revolving around sports, and other all-boy extra curricular activities! Where did the time go? Last I checked JJ was only 2 and getting into everything! (sniff sniff). Now he is in a sports league and about to start Kindergarten! Ahh! Anyway, JJ was definitely in pose mode and really hammed it up the whole time I was taking pics! Joey is one proud Dad and it is so cute to see them share an interest together!! Goodness knows I'm certainly not the athletic one in the family:) 
The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend.  I think it's finally warming up and here to stay....hallelujah!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a 
Happy Monday!!!!!