Friday, April 26, 2013

Back to BLOGGING!!!!

Hello out there!!!! I am so embarrassed at how long it has been since I have blogged!! So much has happened this past year that I felt I didn't want to go another day without documenting all of our family happenings!! Now that I am not working nearly as much as I was, I have more time/desire to devote to our family blog! So here it is the new and improved Monteleone Family blog!! We would love to hear your comments and read your blogs as well so please be sure and leave your blog address in the comments so I know you visited:) 
As I mentioned, a lot has happened this past year.  I think it's been more like 2 years since I've blogged but I'm just going to hit the highlights for times sake! I spent all of 2011 and 2012 extremely busy/ blessed with my business!! I had a wedding/event almost every weekend which allowed me to live my passion of doing Hair + Makeup for a bunch of lovely ladies while at the same time being a SAH Mom to JJ! I absolutely love what I do and feel blessed to have a skill that I love! During that same time, Joey was dilligently researching/applying to business schools.  Long story short, among the schools he was accepted to was The Tuck school of Business at Dartmouth! This was great and all but it was in Hanover, New Hampshire!!!!!! uh, what? Where?? I don't think so! Yeah, that was pretty much my response and needless to say was not very easy to get along with in regard to this topic...Sorry Honey!! Another Long story short, we ended up coming here to New Hampshire and it has truly been one of the BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE!!!!!! We have been so blessed since day one of this journey, we have come closer as a family and I have met some of the most amazing people that I will always consider dear friends! With that said, I am posting some pictures from a baby shower, held in my honor along with 2 other preggers friends! Yes, that's right did I mention we are expecting BABY #2 OCTOBER 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be happier and I feel! I felt especially crappy the first 12 weeks so I am playing major catch up now:) 
A HUGE thank you to my sweet friends for a beautiful shower and for making me feel sooooooo special and loved!! Love you ladies!!

BTW- I am currently taking a photoshop class where I am learning a ton about editing photos, etc.. So I promise my posts will get better:)